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Give your Shower a JE Makeover

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Welcome to another article in our “Makover” series!  The shower is more than just a place to get clean. It’s a sanctuary; a place to relax, to sing, to think, and to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.  Whether you are a “quick shower” person or a “soak until all the hot water runs out” person, your shower deserves a little TLC and a Jordan Essentials Makeover!

Let’s start with the shower itself.  Showers come in many shapes and sizes; part of a bathtub, free-standing, indoor, outdoor, glass door, shower curtain, single showerhead, or multiple showerheads.  Regardless of the shape or size of your shower, consider these quick tips:

  1. The shower is a place with moisture (obviously) which can harbor bacteria and encourage mold growth (not so obvious).  It’s always a good idea to clean your shower regularly with a good non-toxic cleaner to avoid that bacteria and mold growth.  One great option is to try Jordan Essentials NEW and EXCLUSIVE Healthy Home Cleaning Concentrate, available only for a limited time during the month of March 2019 in our Joyful Jordan Box. Healthy Home Cleaning Solution is a non-toxic and effective cleaner that works well on your shower, tub, sinks, tile, etc. and uses the power of Tea Tree Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil in a powerful solution. Combine one ounce of Healthy Home Cleaning Concentrate into the provided spray bottle and then top off with water. Keep your shower clean the JE Healthy Home way!

  2. Another alternative to cleaning the crud from your shower is to mix 1 cup vinegar with 10-15 drops Jordan Essentials Lemon Essential Oil or Jordan Essentials Tea Tree Essential Oil and thoroughly clean all surfaces in the shower.  Lemon Essential Oil has been known to have antibacterial properties and is an effective cleaning agent. Tea Tree Essential Oil has been known to have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties.

  3. After every shower, spray down the inside and around the shower head with Jordan Essentials Resistance Blend Essential Oil Spray.  JE Resistance has been found to have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-mold properties and can be purifying. Spraying your shower after each use not only makes the shower smell amazing, but may reduce the risk of bacterial growth or mold.

  4. Carefully hang damp towels after use on a towel rack and lightly spritz with JE Resistance Blend Essential Oil Spray.  This will keep your towel fresh until the next use or until it’s time for fresh laundering.

Now that the inside of the shower has had a light makeover, it’s time to look at what is inside your shower!  Jordan Essentials offers the best products for the ultimate shower experience! Here are a few of our best sellers:

Be sure to follow up your shower with your favorite Jordan Essentials Lotion, including JE Skin Relief Lotion, JE Helio Skin Superfood Lotion, and JE Shea Body Butter.

What are your favorite Jordan Essentials products for the shower?  Comment below with your testimonials and experiences. What would you like to try next?

Jordan Essentials does not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any diseases or ailments.  Information for entertainment and educational purposes only. Not endorsed by the FDA.

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