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Freeze Time: Skincare with Jordan Essentials

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Dermatologists agree that any good routine for the skin should include regular attention to cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing.  But what exactly does that mean, does it matter what order you do them, how often should you do them for best results, and what else do you need to know when choosing a good skincare system?  These are all questions our customers ask regularly, so in a nutshell, here are our answers to help you make the most of your skincare regimen to freeze time, and have healthy, youthful skin.

Step 1:  Cleansing

The first step in any skincare routine is always to clean the skin.  Our faces are exposed daily to toxins, pollutants, and stress… both internal and external.  Before anything else, we need to wash away as much of the dirt and debris as possible. Every good skincare routine starts with cleansing and since our skin goes through phases each day, it is recommended to cleanse twice a day…once in the morning and once before bedtime.  While we sleep, the body focuses on healing, cell regeneration, and detoxification so cleansing in the morning when you first get up will support the face in removing dead skin cells and toxins from the previous night. But we also need to cleanse before bedtime to clear away any buildup of dirt, sweat, oils, and toxins that may have accumulated during the day so our face can start fresh while we sleep.

Choose a cleanser that is free from toxic ingredients that can be counter-intuitive to the purpose of supporting your skin.  Also, choose a cleanser that best supports the needs of your skin. Our skin changes with the seasons, with hormone shifts, and with age so select a cleanser that will give you the best results for your needs, such as moisturizing, deep cleansing, sensitive skin, acne treatment, or oily.

All Jordan Essentials products are made with non-toxic ingredients that cleanse the skin while supporting a balanced pH.  Customize your cleansing choice with JE Gentle Foaming Wash (Normal or Dry Skin), JE Gentle Cleanser (same formula as the Gentle Foaming Wash in a thicker, more concentrated form), JE Complexion Bar (for Oily or Acne Prone skin), JE Sensitive Skin Complexion Bar (gluten-free and gentle for sensitive skin), and JE Activated Charcoal Soap (for deep cleansing and detoxifying).

Step 2:  Exfoliating

Sometimes just cleansing is enough to support the skin in removing all the dead skin cells and keeping things healthy.  Exfoliating products contain slightly more abrasive ingredients to buff and polish the skin, promoting a smooth and soft glow.  Exfoliating is not something you need to do every day, but for best results add this step weekly right after cleansing.

Exfoliants can come in many forms and not all products are created equal.  Do your research and choose a product that gently exfoliates without harming the skin.  At Jordan Essentials, we use ingredients like pulverized cosmetic walnut shells and jojoba beads to gently slough off dead skin cells for a healthy glow.  Choose between JE Gentle Exfoliant (for all skin types including sensitive skin), or JE Spa Polish (for normal or oily skin).

Step 3:  Masks

Also not done every day, but generally good to add to your skincare routine weekly, is a mask treatment.  After exfoliating, applying a mask does several things for your skin. First, it deep detoxifies by pulling pollutants from the skin, removing impurities from clogged pores that the skin has absorbed from the environment.  Second, a mask will support balanced moisture, soften the skin, and add rich nutrients and minerals to support collagen renewal. Choose between JE Detoxifying Clay Mask and JE Purifying Charcoal Mask.

Step 4 (or Step 2):  Tone

After your daily cleansing, or after cleansing/exfoliating/masking, follow up with a spritz of toner.  The purpose of the toner is to help cleanse the skin, picking up anything the cleanser may have left behind, tighten the pores, hydrate the skin, and add beneficial nutrients to the skin.

Toners were originally designed specifically to help restore the skin’s pH balance. Old styles of cleansing…such as lye soap…disrupted the delicate pH balance, leaving the skin vulnerable to bacteria and other microorganisms… which over time can lead to inflammation and dryness.

Fortunately, cleansers and toners have evolved, so the need to use a toner for pH balancing is no longer the primary focus.  Rather, Jordan Essentials Toner Mist contains natural concentrates of selected amino acids which promote cellular regeneration and vitality to the skin.  Our Toner Mist is also enriched with Green Tea, Aloe, Chamomile, Seaweed, and Silk Proteins which nourish the skin while tightening pores.

For acne control, you can also add 10 drops of Jordan Essentials Tea Tree Essential Oil to a 4 ounce bottle of JE Toner Mist.  Tea Tree has anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, and antiseptic qualities which help combat acne.

Step 5 (or Step 3):  Moisturize

Now that our skin is clean and our pores are tightened, we are ready to moisturize.  Using a moisturizer helps the skin regain its natural hydration. Even oily skin needs moisturizing as hydration and oil are not the same things.  Skin with a balanced hydration will be more plump, soft, and smooth, with a more youthful glow. For best results, choose a moisturizer that fits the needs of your skin.  Remember, the skin follows a cycle in the day, so the moisturizer you choose in the morning may not be the same as the moisturizer you use at night before bedtime.

In the morning, select from JE Daily Moisturizer (for all skin types), JE Tinted Moisturizer, or JE Acne Support Moisturizer.  These moisturizers contain non-toxic ingredients that support a healthy balance in the skin yet are light enough for a soft and smooth complexion.

In the evening, you can also use the JE Daily Moisturizer or JE Acne Support Moisturizer, or you can opt for a deeper treatment with Deep Daily Moisturizer or Red Wine Deep Moisturizer.  A deeper moisturizer is best in the evening before bedtime as it is when we are sleeping that the skin repairs and regenerates.

For additional support, you can also add one or more of our cutting-edge Serums.

JE Time Rewind Eye Gel is a light delicate gel derived from plant stem cells, amino acids, and peptide blends for use with dark circles, sagging, or puffy skin around the eyes.   Powerful ingredients yet gentle enough for daily use, add this formula to your routine both morning and evening.

JE Multi-Peptide Firming Serum contains a powerful blend of botanicals to restore elasticity, clarity and collagen levels.  For aging skin, consider adding this formula as clinical studies show an increase in overall collagen by 117% and skin moisturizing synthesis by 267%!

JE Age Defying Serum is one of our best selling serums.  Use it in the morning as a primer for Mineral Makeup application and use it in the evening to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, balance skin pH, and revitalize the skin.

Serums can be applied before or after the moisturizer, and you can use multiple serums at once.  As a general rule for applying layers of moisturizers, add them to your face from thin to thick consistency.  Therefore, an example day may look like this:


The key to a good skincare routine is consistency.  Make it a normal part of your daily routine and feel free to switch up the JE products you use based on the seasons and how your skin responds.  Contact your JE Consultant to learn more about Jordan Essentials amazing Skincare Products and comment below with your testimonials and experiences.

Information for educational and entertainment purposes only.  Jordan Essentials is not offering any medical advice. If you have specific skincare issues, contact your dermatologist or healthcare professional.  Jordan Essentials does not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure anything.

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