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Healthy Skin, Healthy Life

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Some say the skin is a window into our lifestyle and how we take care of ourselves.  What we eat, how we live, how much sleep we get, how stressed we are, and how toxic we are will often show in our skin.  When we take care of ourselves and take care of our skin, it is quickly apparent in our appearance. You can never really tell a person’s age by their skin, as the condition of the skin depends so much on how well we are taking care of ourselves.  Here are our top tips for a youthful glow from healthy, happy skin.

Drink lots of water.

Our bodies need sufficient hydration for many important functions including brain, heart, lungs, digestion, and the skin.  Our cells, when we are dehydrated, can essentially, deflate making cell regeneration more difficult. This includes our skin cells.  Chronic dehydration can lead to dry, tight, flaky skin, thin skin, itchy or sensitive skin, and in some cases inflammation. When the skin is dehydrated, fine lines and under eye circles may become more pronounced, and skin may appear flat or dull.  Be sure to drink plenty of water so your skin can stay soft, plump, and bright.

Get enough sleep.

Sufficient sleep is very important to healthy skin.  It is when we sleep that our body shifts into cleansing and repairing mode.  Cell repair, lymph drainage, and detoxification are more active when we sleep, which all help support a healthy body and healthy skin.

Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.

As the largest organ of our bodies, the skin both protects and absorbs.  It does its best to keep harmful toxins out of the body, yet the skin is not a solid cover; rather it is permeable so some of what is applied to the skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream.  This can be both a detriment or a benefit, depending on how we treat our skin and our bodies.

If we expose our skin to too many toxic chemicals as is often found in many commercial body care products, cosmetics, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, etc then the body has to process those chemicals that are absorbed to get them out.  If the body gets more than it can quickly handle through the liver (our filtration system), then it will store the chemicals in fat to be processed at a later time and to protect the heart and the brain.

This is one of the reasons we at Jordan Essentials are so passionate about only providing products that are non-toxic.  Where we can use the permeability and absorption into the bloodstream to our benefit is when we use quality products with healthy ingredients our body needs.  For example, applying topical magnesium such as our JE Magnesium Lotion, JE Magnesium Spray, JE Magnesium Stick, or JE Magnesium Dead Sea Salt Soak is one way to help the body absorb more magnesium, a key element our body needs for many crucial functions.  It is said that the constituents found in essential oils such as our JE Essential Oil Droppers, JE Essential Oil Roll Ons, or JE Essential Oil Sprays can reach every cell of the body within 25 minutes of topical application to the bottom of the feet.

Look at what products your skin is currently exposed to on a regular basis and consider how toxic their ingredients may be for you, your body, and your skin.  Consider transitioning to healthier choices including JE Bath & Body products, JE Shampoos and Conditioners, JE Skin Care, and JE Mineral Makeup.

Adopt a healthy skin care routine.

 Most dermatologists agree that healthy skin starts from within and is fostered with a healthy skin care routine.  Good skin care involves cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing. With Jordan Essentials, you can customize your routine based on the specific needs of your skin.  Botanicals, extracts, essential oils, activated charcoal, oatmeal, and clays are just a few of the ingredients used in JE Skin Care to support healthy skin.

Taking care of your skin is also taking care of yourself in other ways too.  Why do you think we call it “Pampering”? Not only will your skin look amazing, but you’ll feel better too!  The skin is a sensory organ, and when you cleanse your skin, you can also cleanse your soul. When you moisturize, you lather on the love, soften the skin, and soften your emotions too.

What are your favorite tips for healthy skin? Comment below what you do to keep that youthful glow!

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