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Jordan Essentials No No List

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The cornerstone for all Jordan Essentials products is non-toxic bath and body products that support our trademark motto of “Healthy Skin, Healthy Life.”  One way we accomplish this is by using only the best possible ingredients with an emphasis on those that were made by God and not by a scientist in a laboratory.  Pure ingredients generally mean better absorption, better assimilation by the body, and better results. This is one of the many things that sets Jordan Essentials apart from many other Bath & Body, Skincare, Haircare, Essential Oils, and Mineral Makeup choices on the market.

When searching for the right products to use for yourself and for your loved ones, being a knowledgeable consumer is so important.  Just because a product is marketed as “natural” does not necessarily make it healthy, effective, or good for you. After all, products such as arsenic, petroleum, and baking soda are all technically “natural” but that doesn’t mean you want to be adding them to products you will be using on your skin or hair!  Also, many products that claim to be “all natural” also mean they may not have sufficient “preserving” power. I don’t know about you, but we at Jordan Essentials don’t love the idea of putting products that may harbor mold or bacteria on our bodies either. We are often asked if our products are “All Natural”, and we proudly respond with, “no, they are not…because we only make products that are quality, healthy, nontoxic, and long-lasting.”

To find the perfect balance, Jordan Essentials carefully selects all ingredients to be certified and tested by third parties to be completely nontoxic and effective.  The focus in our products is on ingredients that are primarily made by God and that have proven benefits to the skin, hair, body, and health. This may include essential oils, herbs, teas, salts, plant-based extracted oils, and hydrosols.  To keep our products fresh and to make sure the beneficial qualities are carried to your skin, Jordan Essentials will use some man-made ingredients. Any ingredient will only be added if we are completely confident that it is non-toxic. However, we like to say our products are good not only by what we put in them, but by what we DON’T!  We call it our No No List.

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The No No List is a list of ingredients found to be toxic and harmful to the body yet all too often found in many products on the market.  No No List ingredients include Parabens, Aluminum, SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfates), Petroleum-based ingredients, Isopropyl alcohol, Mineral Oils, or Gluten-based substances.

Why not choose products you can use with complete confidence because when you look at the label you recognize and can pronounce what is included, knowing you’re using only the best?  But the true test is in the results! Using God-made ingredients, designed to support Healthy Skin and a Healthy Life, means they WORK! So choose Jordan Essentials as your trusted source for Bath and Body products, Hair Care, Skin Care, Makeup, and Essential Oils.

Love our products?  Join our team! We’re looking for people just like you to help spread the word about better choices for better health all across the United States.  Help us make a difference.

Jordan Essentials does not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure anything. Statements not endorsed or evaluated by the FDA. Information provided for entertainment and educational purposes only.

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