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Skincare Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Whether you suffer from skin breakouts known as acne, pimples, or zits on a regular basis or just during certain times, such as monthly hormonal changes or seasonal changes, there are several things you can be doing to support healthy skin… and

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All About Serums

One of Jordan Essentials best kept skincare secrets is our powerful and deep nourishing Serums.  If you haven’t tried the Serums yet, you owe it to yourself to truly pamper your face and feel the difference!  But what are our serums and what makes

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Ageless Skincare

One question we at Jordan Essentials are often asked, is at what age is skincare important?  We think this is a great question and one that is worth addressing in some detail. All too often, we wait until our skin is screaming at us for attention

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Avoid These Common Skincare Mistakes

After almost 19 years in the skincare industry, we have seen and heard just about everything.  We have shared your joys and excitement when you experience the difference Jordan Essentials products can make!  Every so often, we do also see a few

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Freeze Time: Skincare with Jordan Essentials

Dermatologists agree that any good routine for the skin should include regular attention to cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing.  But what exactly does that mean, does it matter what order you do them, how often should you do them for

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Healthy Skin, Healthy Life

Some say the skin is a window into our lifestyle and how we take care of ourselves.  What we eat, how we live, how much sleep we get, how stressed we are, and how toxic we are will often show in our skin.  When we take care of ourselves and take

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January 2019 Joyful Jordan Box

It’s a brand new year with countless opportunities and adventures ahead!  What better way to start out the new year than by Freezing Time with Jordan Essentials January Joyful Jordan Box?  We put together the best firming and toning collection

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Jordan Essentials’ Lemon Essential Oil

Jordan Essentials offers a delightful array of carefully selected and sourced, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils to use aromatically or combined with other Jordan Essential products for customized topical experiences.  A popular essential oil

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Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter weather often leads to drier skin from the cold dry air, continual transitioning from warm environments to chilly environments, sometimes windy conditions that quickly evaporate skin surface hydration, and more layers of clothing to keep us

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Holiday Hand Washing Guide

From the time we are small children, we are taught about the importance of washing our hands.  How many times did we hear, “Wash up!”, when we came in from outside, got home from school, before dinner, after dinner, and after playtime?  Keeping

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Jordan Essentials Orange Essential Oil

The cornerstone for all Jordan Essentials products is non-toxic bath and body products that support our trademark motto of “Healthy Skin, Healthy Life.”  One way we accomplish this is by using only the best possible ingredients with an emphasis

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Holiday Shopping Guide

‘Tis the season of giving; a time when we thoughtfully show our friends and loved ones how much we care and appreciate them.  Finding that perfect gift can sometimes be challenging, however.  To keep the Christmas Spirit alive, and to reduce any

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