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How to Get Your Saturdays Back

Sometimes cleaning everything in a day can be overwhelming. You work all day during the week only to spend your weekends catching up on all that housework. What if we told you there was a better way? No more Saturdays spent inside missing all

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The Truly Healthy Face Care

NOPE NOT FEELING IT! Have you ever had one of those early morning moments while looking in the mirror? Your hair is a mess, those lovely bags under your eyes are back and all of a sudden, you spot something…something new. Something you’ve

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Essential Oil Recipes for Toner Mist

Do you love the thought of the ocean breeze on your face in the morning? A cool splash of mist to awaken your pores that is also a vitamin for your skin? Let’s customize the feel, aroma, and benefits to fit your needs.  Many products come in unscented

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Top Tips to Love Your Lips

You gotta love your lips! We know when they are dry and cracked and we know healthy lips are happy lips! The skin on the lips is super sensitive. It needs special care like no other skin on our bodies. We have some top lip tips that will make you

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Topical Magnesium: Why You Gotta Have it!

This is not your grandmother’s milk of magnesia. This is the get rid of eye twitches, restless leg and even support for foot cramps and more! Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body and plays a crucial role in over 300 essential metabolic

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Spritz Your Pits Challenge

Do you read cautions and warning about ingredients? Do you flip over a bottle faster than John Wayne draws a gun? Maybe you just feel guilty but do not know why or really want to put that much energy into being nontoxic.   There is a simple solution!

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Light up your life with Lemon Essential Oil

Do you think sour face when you think lemon? Maybe someone handed you one and you took a bite and never forgot that feeling of sour hitting the tongue. Well this is not that lemon! Lemon Essential Oil is so much more than that. Pure, therapeutic-grade

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Boss Babe Burn Out Buster Retreat Guide:

So there I was, I just finished my 20th convention for my company that I love. To be honest I had a lot of people who were new on the team who needed training and logistically speaking, it was a lot more work thank I had done on the event in years. I

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8 All-Natural Ingredients for Age-Defying Skin

We’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t want youthful, vibrant, glowing skin.  People are now turning to things like Botox and vampire facials to tap into the fountain of youth.  There are some crazy treatments out there for looking younger. 

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Dead Sea Salts: What’s so special about them?

Tired, achy or sore muscles? Ready to relax and rejuvenate after a long week? Looking to boost your skin’s health?  Dead Sea Salts could be just what you are looking for!  Dead Sea Salts are harvested from the Dead Sea and naturally contain the minerals

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6 Simple Self-Care Strategies for Summer

Summer is in full swing and that means it’s time to kick back and enjoy the season of cookouts, pool parties, barbecues, and vacations. With our daily hustle and bustle, it’s easy to let our calendars fill up before we’ve had a chance to recharge

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10 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil That You’ll LOVE

If you’re like us, when you hear the word “lavender” you immediately think of that delicate floral aroma that instantly soothes both the body and mind. What’s more calming than the distinctive scent of Lavender Essential Oil? While lavender

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