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Essential Oil Recipe Series: Hair Care

Not only are Jordan Essentials products wonderful on their own, you can combine them to customize the feel, aroma, and benefits to fit your needs.  Many products come in unscented varieties, making them perfect for combining with one of our signature

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Resistance Pit Challenge

Our new Resistance EO Spray has so many uses, but one of our favorites is on the pits!  Our sensitive under-arms need TLC, and that doesn’t mean using harmful deodorants that contain toxins like parabens or aluminum!  Jordan Essentials Deodorants

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Limited Edition: Madagascar Vanilla!

One of the fun tasks at Jordan Essential’s corporate is selecting the wonderful and enjoyable fragrances we offer with our Bath and Body line.  Each new fragrance is carefully formulated, tested, and sampled to offer only the best of the best for

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Feed Your Skin: Helio Skin Superfood Lotion

Jordan Essentials proudly introduces a powerful blend of skin nourishing ingredients in one amazing lotion, Helio Skin Superfood!  We started with the skin nourishing benefits of our Skin Relief Lotion, containing shea butter, aloe, chamomile,

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Join the Resistance

According to ancient legend, over 500 years ago when the plague was ravishing Europe, Asia, and Africa, grave robbery became a lucrative industry; at least, that is, if the plague didn’t claim the lives of the thieves first.  One band of bandits

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Joyful Jordan Bug Away Box

Insects are the most abundant animals on earth, and even though only a small percentage of them are considered pests, those few pesky species do pack a punch in the annoyance factor.  Images of a blissful and relaxing time outdoors are quickly squashed

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Migraine Awareness

Migraines are a surprisingly prevalent problem, affecting 39 million men, women, and children across the United States.  Everyone either suffers or knows someone who suffers from migraines.  Interestingly, migraines are the 3rd most prevalent illness

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Top 7 Tips for Healthy Summer Skin

The summer heat has kicked in.  The kids are off school, and thoughts turn to vacations, outdoor activities like barbeques, days at the park, and fun at the pool.  But as we transition our suede shoes to sandals and sweaters for tank tops, we must

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Insomnia Busting Secrets Revealed!

It’s 2 a.m. and you find yourself staring at the ceiling once again, thoughts swirling like a whirlwind through your mind.  “I’ve got to remember to pull that chicken out of the freezer.”  “Did I move the laundry from the washer into the

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Top Benefits of Magnesium

It’s clear we have a thing for Magnesium at Jordan Essentials. Our customers can’t get enough Magnesium Lotion, Magnesium Plus Sticks, and Magnesium Dead Sea Salt Soaks. So why all the buzz around Magnesium? Let’s just say it’s ahhhh-mazing,

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What are Dead Sea Salts?

Derived directly from the Dead Sea, Dead Sea Salts naturally contain 21 minerals not found anywhere in else in the world, including Magnesium (one of Jordan Essentials’ favorite minerals!), Calcium Chloride, Potassium, Sodium and Bromide. These minerals

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The Benefits of Shea Butter

Shea Butter. You hear about it all the time … so what are the benefits of shea butter? And why do we at Jordan Essentials looooove it so much? Shea (pronounced “shay”) butter comes from the nut of the shea tree, which grows in Africa. It’s packed

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